Sunday, 12 April 2009


Also bought at Toji Market. This wonderful meisen kimono. The ground colour is white, woven with black and hints of red.

As the white collar looked kind of weird to me I added my red harts ribbon lace as an accent.

I tried lots of obi, bit then decided to opt for save and choose this black one with white shibory accents.

Maybe a save choice, but I think the best choice.
The obi jime is my favourite red and white one, just chosen to add some colour and to bring in some of the red of the kimono.
A very light green shibory obi was picked to give a bit of a spring feel.
Though this kimono doesn't say spring, not even in a whisper.
But... I set myself this goal, to take pictures of all kimono bought in Japan, before putting them in the tansu...
So, now my house looks like a kimono war zone, again. And to stop that I have to start taking pictures.
Dear kimono, dear me; I want my house back ^_^
I tied the bow in a kind of loose fitted old fashioned style.
It's hard to do and maybe the result is a bit sloppy, still, this kind of bow is best for these soft obi and I think, appropriate for these old fashioned style kimono...

Yes, I forgot to put on decent zori, I am wearing my bath slippers still hihi


Kyuukaryuko said...

Nice one! I think this obi makes it very peaceful and quiet. And I love your musubi.

Naomi said...

Oh wow - I love the haneri with this one!