Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Spring green

Today I went to work as a pistachio green spring sorbet ^_^
This kimono is a woven one crested iro muji, so not completely appropriate, but well... I wanted to dress lightly and bright and it had to be hitoe.
When I cam at work I saw that the kimono was very wrinkled (oops) and I left the basting stitches in the sleeves... (oops)

I couldn't find a good sha or ro obi so i decided on my white with green hakata hitoe obi, which is fine since it’s not that warm here. The weather is great and bright (hence the colours) but not too hot.

Then I wanted to keep the ensemble simple so I took out my yellow ro silk obi age and open braided obi jime. Luckily the yellow brown of the zori isn't too far off. Now I am starting to believe I need more zori too... hihi.
Well, if I keep going in kimono to the store at least ones a week, I might buy more. It's a shame they are so expensive (compared to the kimono etc.)

It's surprisingly fun to go in kimono to the store. Most people don't say a thing. But some say oh how nice, how appropriate, and if they already know me they say well, you looked as if you belonged in this store from the beginning, but now you fit even more ^_^

While on the bike a lady called after me "nice"! Some boys said (haha) "nie hou" (how do you spell that? But then two other boys weren’t so far off and called konichiwa!
It's really funny... And now I am not that scared any more.
But I need to figure something out with the static cling, it's so annoying!

And when I get home, ironing!


Kyuukaryuko said...

Green suits you, and I'm green of envy haha!
Was the kimono wrinkled from riding your bike? And what do you mean with static cling?
Nice to hear you get so many positive reactions on you wearing kimono.

Misuchi said...

Yes, I was so suprised the green looked ok, I do not like green, but with the white hair it's quite nice.
No, the kimono was wrinkled before, I just didn't notice *blush*
Static cling... the kimono sticks to my legs real bad. The nagajuban was synthetic and the kimono silk. I think that makes it static. And, I didn't add softner to the washing proces of the juban, that usually helps (a bit)

Jane said...

I really like the colour of this kimono, a wonderful shade of green. Even with the wrinkles it looks very lovely.