Wednesday, 11 June 2008

lilac kimono

Since it is a relative nice and cool day today I decided to do some kitsuke before work again and go in kimono to the store. It is fun! And this way I use my "daily" kimono more and feel less guilty for owning so many.

I decided on a lilac blue almost see through komon. Though it is not usumono season yet, this kimono seems nice right in the middle. June is hitoe season with ro nagayuban, which means the obi age (and obi jime, less so) should be ro too (obi age is considered underwear) Of course this is not a strict rule, but if you are slightly like me and never own too many accessories for kimono you will be happy to grab the ro things!

The obi can be ro too from the tenth of June (I use this site The Beauty of Kimono as reference because it seems it's the same as most of my Japanese kitsuke books -which I can't read-)
There are some slight black threads in this kimono so I picked my black lace scarf as an obi age, a ro silk hakata weave obi and white with black open weave obi jime.

Only the socks and geta... Mmm not quite right. But I wanted some more pink, and my pink zori are just too nice to wear to the store, I need more! Hahaha.


Kyuukaryuko said...

Nice combination!
I just picked up my obis and hopefully my kimono are at home ^_^ Maybe today I can post some pictures too. And your work is a very good excuse to wear kimono.

Misuchi said...

Great! I can't wait I am checking everyday, hoping to see your kimono/obi have arrived!