Sunday, 25 May 2008

Water tea stain!

Yes, when a house is invested by kimono and obi, accidents are bound to happen...

Having tea in bed is of course a risk but also a good idea and fun.

Dumping a glass of tea is not a huge problem, unless you do this on the podium where right underneath is a dummy with several kimono thrown over it, in that case it is quite a disaster.

The kimono had huge water/tea stains, aughs! What to do now?
Well here's what I did, stay calm, try Zen "it’s "only" a kimono not the end of the world" etc. ^_^

Then I placed a towel over my ironing board, put the iron on, the kimono on the board and steamed the stains, yes also using steam from the iron. I also used a wet sponge to blot out the weird circles.
And it worked!
The silk became soft again and the stains, yes they are there but not very noticeably.

So, this is my tip for water stains, steam iron the stains dry. Oh, but use a clean white towel between kimono and iron.

I might try wetting it again and steam iron some more, but for now I think it is okay.

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Kyuukaryuko said...

So good that steaming the stain out worked! And I think that if you don't know that there is a stain, you would see it. Just don't tell people ^_^
And I guess that next time, before you drink tea in bed, you'll check that the dummy isn't right under your platform but as far away as possible ;-) ?