Monday, 3 September 2007

Make-up practice

Coming Saturday I will be a "geisha" at the opening of a friend of mine. Of course I will only look like a geisha and stand there smiling haha. Since it was a long time ago I was dressed in kimono and even longer that I put on the full make-up I decided on a practice evening. Here are the pictures... First I had to put on the bintsuke abura, which feels kind of yucky. Then the oshiroi, which makes your skin feel very dry, but its really truly beautiful white white. The hint of purplish blue is the “wig-cap” Isn’t it cute? I love it. Then, after putting on the black and red I wrapped a nagajuban on and quickly put my new ume blossom susohiki over it, of which I have no proper pictures… wait until March then I’ll try this kimono again.

And last I had to try on my newest uchikake, she’s so shiny it’s almost too much, well… it is to much, but I think she’s gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

I'm from germany, my name is louise and actually I'm dutch, but since 38 years I live here. I just discovered these beautiful pictures.For an occasion I'd like to dress up like a geisha too and i'm searching for the make up, specially the white make up, is it a white powder? I hope you can help me. Vielen Dank schon mal und freundliche grüsse aus elsdorf, deutschland.

Misuchi said...

Hi Louise,
I used special make-up from Japan.
Like this:

If it's only for one time, it might be easier to buy a very good quality white theater cake make-up and apply this wet for better coverage. This I have done too and it works quit well.
Good luck!
Freundliche grüsse, Berber