Saturday, 28 July 2007

More Vanity

Sometimes life in the big city is just fun, only fun today was realy like a holiday. I had my vacation but try to have "vacation days" in between and this weekend it worked.

I work all day and in the evenings ? I go out and have fun with loved ones. I forgot how good that is... And another good thing about this "regime" I put myself on: all ways take my camera with me... it works, he finally became my friend!

It took me a long time, but now I know who he is and how he works and I love him ^_^
Yesterday I went with the small ferry to "Amsterdam Noord".
A wonderful strange place the harbor is... I had a lot of fun and there where some nice pictures taken, by me and of me hihi.

It's not that often my picture gets taken and that I like them too! and these I like, yes, another vanity streak...


Anne said...

The pics are fun and beautiful, especially the last one. Looks like you had a perfect sunny day!

Misuchi said...

Thank you! Yes it was a perfect evening. Best thing is I start to "know" my camera. Now I should do more kimono again, play some more. Last weeks I have ben working and studying almost non-stop... anyways this studying is fun too. But this is a kimono blog! Haha

Anne said...

I think you're having another holiday right now, aren't you :) ?
Hope you're having a good one, with nice weather like when you were on the ferry!