Sunday, 3 June 2007

I am in Love!

Meet Bliksem:
No, he is not mine. My sister gave this cuty to her son (and husband) My nephew picked him. He could choose from to male cats in the litter and he picked this one, took him from the basked squeezed him tight and said, this is Bliksem! (the Dutch name of Lightning McQueen from Cars)
And he is, he's a little charmer, brave and cute, rascal and sweet. Cat's are so fun. He wound me around his little paws... of course!
His full name is Bliksem Poes (poes=cat) and my nephew corrects me every time I say Bliksem, I have to say Bliksem Poes... Pfff Hihi they are so cute, I love both guys a lot.
And, when sister goes on holiday, Bliksem will come and stay in my house... I will spoil him rotten!

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