Monday, 4 June 2007

Failed attempt and maiko underwear

Today was one of those days... everything failed. I dressed up in kimono with soft geisha make-up, well dance make up, the type worn when not wearing a wig (according to my make up book) but I failed misserably... the make up looked bleh, as did the kimono.
Well, the kimono is great, so pretty! The kimono is a crepe hitoe with the most beautiful yuzen painting on her and gorgeous all hand done silk embroidery, really really pretty. The obi is a very nice ro silk maru obi (ahum, both sides are the same but there is a blank part... strange! It´s too early for ro, but obi are always first and it's warm enough over here ^_^
My kitsuke is horrible nothing worked today *sigh*

I should have stopped, just accept that things where not working today, but all that make up all the efford... I'll try again soon..

The pictures... non of them are sharp why?!? I really don't get it and feel very frustrated, how in the world will I be able to make new work if I can't even take sharp pictures?

But, I also got a call from my friend where I lived before telling me a package from Japan arrived... hu? Why there, evreybody has my new address. So I cleaned myself up and went to collect my package it was the maiko nagayuban! She's gorgeous really gorgeous. Want to sleep now I'll tell more later...

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