Saturday, 27 January 2007


OK I am working... ahum. Well, I should, but it is Saturday... I am really tired and for some reason these pictures I took for my boss aren't working for me... I can't get them right, it drives me nuts!
Never mind. I decided I could wear kimono while working behind my laptop... so... I changed in my party kimono and paired her with my new very special embroidered Shishi lion obi.

Maybe now everything is a bit over the top... roses on my kimono and roses on my obi... but I love it. I love this obi... the kimono I just saw is a bit more damaged then I remembered which is a shame, but she is cute!
For some reason I think now this obi would look better on the woven kimono I wore last time... could be. The blue of the lion looks like the blue of the kimono... or on a nice striped puple-ish blue kimono.... swoon...

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