Thursday, 27 April 2006


Just a quick dress in kimono to practice wearing kimono for a day. I will be wearing kimono in the store on Queens day ^_^ and feel I need to walk around in one from now on so I feel more comfortable. Today I chose my just arrived vintage wisteria/fuji tsumugi. Well, the seller said tsumugi it probably is and the weave seems meisen too me (I hope so) Wisteria is for April (maybe I can still wear it in May? Not sure) I love it - it is royal purple and very glossy and soft real vintage silk... *sigh* I made it even brighter by adding a red hakata nagoya obi. I had a hard time choosing the obi jime and went for (I know boring) baby pink. All other colors seemed too farfetched... I don't know, do like this kimono and I am happy with my first real spring motif kimono ^_^


Akané said...

Hello Misuchi,

My name is Akané. A japanese woman living in Paris. I am very found of kimono myself.

I just wanted to say that I'm very impressed by your kimono collection and knowledge about kitsuke.

I'm going to start teaching kitsuke to a french girl very soon. How did you learn to wear kimono?

Wisteria is one of my most favorite flowers. In Japan, it blooms from May to June so it's still appropriate to wear it in May.

I'm not sure if it's translated, but you may want to get a hold of a copy of Saijiki; a glossary of seasonal words for haiku poets. It'll help you choose the correct motifs for the season. In Japanese, part of it is available on line:

Happy kitsuke!

Best, Akané

Misuchi said...

Dear Akané, thank you so very much for your compliments! This really means a lot to me. I feel I hardly look half as good in kimono as you do, you look so sophisticated and natural...

I learned kitsuke from The book of Kimono by Mr. Norio Yamanaka, lot's of kitsuke books from the book by Ms. Liza Dalby helps me with a lot too and dear friends on the internet providing tips and help. But I need to learn more and want to learn more every day so I am very happy with your tip. I am going to try and find a copy of Saijiki, it sounds really interesting and yes it might help me a lot, it's very hard to find good information on what to wear when and where (in English)

Just today I saw the Wisteria in the city started to bloom, I think they are so lovely!

I had a look in blog and it looks really lovely, it's a shame I can't read kanji (one day I hope I will) You look gorgeous in Paris wearing kimono... how weird would it be if I would walk in Paris dressed in kimono? I will visit my nephew in Paris in June and he would love to see me like that, but I feel nervous walking around in kimono, not being Japanese, what do you think?

Thank you again for your compliments, and sorry for my rambling.

Kind regards,

Akané said...

Dear Misuchi,

Thank you for your response. Wisteria is in full bloom in Paris as well :)

I think you look great in kimono. It seems that you are very respectful to basic kimono rules but at the same time you've already established your own style. Not many Japanese people have acquired that kind of subtle balance. (and not to mention knowing how to kitsuke!)

Try to wear kimono as much as possible, including on the streets of Paris!
The more you wear it, the more you'll feel comfortable in it, and you're most beautiful when you feel comfortable about yourself,no?

Looking forward to more new articles.