Friday, 26 August 2005


Finally I found a little time to dress up again and take pictures. As a kimono junky I dress up as often as possible when I know I will not have to leave the house any more I'll change. It's still cold, which is good for dressing in kimono or yukata, but not for me...
Because the weather is so yucky I went sherbety, to brighten my day a bit.
I decided to go look all pink and lush.

It's fun because I rarely wear pink I think it makes most (blond) women look like they are nude or piggy like but like this with black and green its not so bad ^_^
What might help too is the shade of pink, it's shocking!
Maybe I am converted, pink isn't that bad ^_^ I wanted to pair the yukata with a green obi like the little bamboo leaves... But I have no obi like that, or a crème obi, which I also do not have… gosh, and I have so many ^_^ so I picked this pink obi that had almost the same shade as one of the flowers and I feel it's makes the set quite look like a sherbet ice cream.

Then, because the whole set became so flowery, I decided to try a new musubi. I think this one is a little more "masculine" as if that is possible, but it's at least not flower like, so I thought it would add a nice contrast.


Raks Hime said...

I love both the obi and the yukata. It really is a great shade of pink- you look great so don't worry about pink! It's a happy color.
Is that a clam's mouth musubi? I saw it on the yukata site you directed me to. Looking at the directions made me understand why my musubi keep sagging- I am not tying the tare end over the te before I make the "bow" part (I'm bringing the te over the tare which gives no support- duh!). Yay! Next time I practice I bet it looks better.
Your comments on my white kimono were very helpful. Thank you!

Misuchi said...

Thanks ^_^
Looking at it again, it' not that pink hihi
You are right it is a happy color.
Yes it's a clamshell, or I tried, I need to practice this one more.
I am glad you liked the website and it was of help and you didn’t mind my babbling ^_^