Friday, 1 July 2005

Summer Time!

The first of July is the start for ro, sha or other sheer fabrics. I have a huge weak spot for summer kimono and obi, I love the types of fabric and I love how the different layers of fabric work together because of the sheerness you always see a hint of the under layers,I really love that!
Today I dressed in my striped Akashi Chijimi kimono for summer. For akashi chijimi tightly twisted threads are used as weft. A different kind of thread is used for the warp. Akashi Chijimi are silk fabrics invented in Akashi and used for high quality summer cloths. The kimono is sheer but no ro or sha it feels like crepe I think it's pretty special. Since the kimono is woven I looked for an obi that was painted
and found this wonderful black ro obi with pattern made by shibory and little embroidered details. Even though it was black and thus not contrasting with the kimono I thought it might be perfect for a subdued set, also because the soft flower pattern is kind of a contrast too. To give it a bit more life I paired it with a red ro silk obi age and obi jime set. Yummy i like it and the pink zori look sweet too, only because of the red sole.
Sadly the kimono is a little on the short and narrow site for me. So it’s hard to make a proper ohashori and the sleeves do not reach my wrists. I am thinking about widening the kimono, but because it is so lovely made I am reluctant and just try to be at peace with this. I did not dress very neatly today… It’s way to warm for kitsuke and wearing kimono, which only proves more that summer kimono are not meant to be cool for the wearer, only to appear cool, so people around you will feel cooler in the humid heat ^_^ My ohashori is too short and there is not enough of the han eri showing, well, next time I’ll try harder *sigh*
I like how the ro nagajuban shines trough the kimono fabric so you see some of the elaborate willow pattern and, it’s adding jet another hint of red.

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