Sunday, 17 July 2005


Today I wanted to wear my bright red yukata. It's the first yukata I ever bought. It came with a yellow hanhaba obi and brown geta with pink crepe straps. This time I wanted to try my heko obi I always thought these kind of obi were easier to tie, but this isn't true. I think they are harder because the bow tends to "sag". So for me, being used to firm (hanhaba)obi these soft obi are something to get used to, I need to practice a lot in order to get a nice bow... so I will in the next couple of days.
The yukata is made with a fabric almost like ro, an open weave, so it's slightly see through, not as much as ro, but almost. The colors I think are very contrasting and summer like. Bright red with bright yellow fishes, purple flowers and green leaves, some bubbles add a cool feel of water. I think this kimono is very "young" more for a teen or young girl in her early twenties. But, well, i feel young enough to wear it ^_^ I tried to add a little more contrast by tying a piece of kimono silk in a clover shape on top of the obi, but I am not sure I like this look, maybe if I had made the strip diagonal... I am not sure. It's funny, but I guess not me.


Raks Hime said...

A while back you wrote you had been searching for a picture of geisha in kurotomesode combined with hakata obi. I found a link to a make-up demonstration that includes a picture of a possible geisha in an irotomesode with hakata obi. I don't know if you've seen this before or she is actually a geisha, but here is the link:
Someone referenced this site on the Gaijin Geisha forum. I didn't actually locate this myself.
I've never seen an obi tied like that before- it looks strange to me.
-Raks hime

Misuchi said...

Thank you!
Yes I know that site (I even have the make-up)
The lady is either a model or an actress, probably not a geisha and yes, the kimono is an iro-tomesode. Geisha tend to wear their obi lower on the hips (like in the picture you showed) And they make this cross-over look. I also think the back is not tied in a drum, but left hanging loose, this is also typical for modern geisha. You can see obi tied like this in old pictures and in Liza Dalby's Kimono book. I'll see if I can find a picture and post that on your blog. This is fun! Thank you for talking for me.
(sorry for the spelling... I have no spell check on this computer *sigh* and English is not my native speach)

Raks Hime said...

Now I'm wondering where my geisha book is- probably packed away by now. Thanks for the information. I pick up some of these details so slowly its funny (for example, I got all excited when I noticed the tucks in the furisode sleeves were particular to geisha).