Saturday, 16 July 2005

Blue Yukata

After dressing in the lilac iro tomesode I still wanted to wear kimono and changed in the blue yukata. I love this yukata and since she came nicely out of the washing machine I wear this yukata quite often.
Looking at the side pictures you can see that the bum area stays a problem. Even with butt constraining pants the cylinder will not be possible for me. I do not really mind, it's fun too and maybe if I wrapped the kimono a bit tighter it would/could look perky instead of sloppy ^_^
The collar is nice and round far enough from my nape I like that. But because the yukata still bleeds blue (he she must be royalty) I use my cheap "easy" obi for this kimono. These pre tied obi are very convenient, but not very nice. The fabric is pretty thin and the look of the obi is weird when looked at from half side-ways. I would love to pair this yukata with a cream colored obi or a very very pale green, but I do not like the blue stains the yukata leaves behind on obi. I can wash the yukata but not the obi (I think) Maybe after some more washes the yukata will stop bleeding and I can try a different obi ^_^
I used an erishin in my yukata collar to make it "stand" more. I have seen pictures of women without one, but I like it better this way. Besides, Yuka san from Ichiroya told me in an email that using erishin helps you to pull the collar further from your nape and this will help with feeling cooler. Well, with these kind of high temperatures I do like that!

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