Thursday, 7 July 2005

Dressing "up" a yukata

Today I dressed up a yukata. Last fall I bought this yukata from Ichiroya thinking it looked like a Taisho roman kimono. I have seen sites where women dress up yukata. They wear yukata with nagajuban, a nice obi and accessories, I love this style. I do not think all yukata will work but when I saw this eggplant colored yukata with soft green morning-glories, I thought, maybe she's good.

Not only did I see yukata being dressed up, I also saw that geisha and maiko sometimes wear yukata with a hakata obi, I think this is a lovely look so I wanted to try that too. My soft green silk hakata is a different shade of green then the morning-glories but I still thought it would look nice. For accessories I used the warm red again, none of my other ro accessories looked good and this looked kind of sophisticated to me. Hum, I think I love this yukata, the colors are just perfect! Which means I would love to dress in it often, but I want to keep it clean and fresh and new too… that’s always a big dilemma for me ^_^


ShiryuNoHomare said...

Hi ! I hope you're fine ! just to say that i love your Yukata, especially the one with morning glories... But you're right don't tie it too tight it's better, hakata obi is great and red obiage cool :)
I just laughed when i saw you want to keep it clean again.. my kimono are all wrapped and in boxes.. don't you think they should live a second life with us, better than being forever clean ? :) Haa it's so hard for me too :)
Have a nice day :)

Misuchi said...

I am fine; I hope you are good too! Thank you for your kind words, I am glad you like the looser style, guess I dress pretty primly ^_^
Kimono and yukata are so wonderful and I love to wear them, but I like to keep them crisp too, most of my cotton clothing looks washed after a while, I would hate my yukata to look like that. But you are right, they deserve a nice life and to be worn often. Hubby even says: you can buy new ones (yukata that is not vintage kimono)
Thanks again!