Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Yay! Hitoe Season

Since the date for koromogae has past, I dressed in my silk hitoe komon; my purple unlined kimono, with an allover pattern of little red dots. I paired this with a teal hakata obi (also a hitoe) and pink accessories. The geta are technically for yukata, but I feel they look nice with this set too.

I personally love this combination. Though a lighter colored obi would be lovely too, maybe even better, but I do not have that. It would be perfect if I could find a painted hitoe obi (light colored) for this kimono because it is woven. I'll keep looking.

The kimono is a bit too short for me, but it's cute and I pulled the collar a bit too far from my neck, I do like this, but it is not entirely proper to do so. If I would not have done this I probably could have made a better ohashori. The kimono is not wide enough either, so I should widen the shoulder part, but still feel a little scared to do so, since the kimono is pretty old (1940's/50's)
Ah well I think the kimono is still very pretty...

One more picture, the side view of the hitoe. I used all the modern kitsuke tricks today. First I dressed in butt-correcting underwear and a booby flattening kimono bra; then hadajuban and susoyoke, towels around my waist just under my breasts. Then two piece nagajuban. Kimono etc. I did not use a kimono clip, but did use an obi clip too secure that, it's very convenient because the obi makura will not "sag" wonderful helping aids!

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