Friday, 30 August 2013

Mamechiyo Modern photo series

I started working on a new photo series: Mamechiyo Modern kimono visits Amsterdam ^_^

Wearing the wool hounds-tooth Mamechiyo Modern kimono at a trip to the Vondelpark in Amsterdam to take snowy pictures of "Het Blauwe Theehuis".
In order to fit the scenery, the white and black kimono is paired with a blue chuya obi, black tabi and blue geta.
The snow scene helps to make the picture look as if black-and-white.
I think these informal wool kimono are perfect and even wearable in winter, nice and warm.
The second picture is an un cropped version of the picture, as I do not know yet which one I favourite.
Berber Kimono


Kyuukaryuko said...

Ohh, jealous about that kimono :-)
I like the uncropped version, since it shows more of the trees covered in snow.
Nice pictures!

Misuchi said...

Yes I can imagine! This kimono was a super luxury find, as it's sold out. But I found it in an antique shop, so lucky!
That is exactly why I liked the uncropped version, but the cropped one showed the kimono more and it's about the kimono, hence my doubt.
But imaginary wise the uncropped is better, yes.
Thank you!

Saiya-chan said...

I do love the uncropped version, it's so nice to see more of the branches.

Kaino said...

I like the un-cropped photo and the snowy trees in it. That kimono is really lovely! *_*

Anonymous said...

So precious! Hope to come across a hounds-tooth kimono for myself, too. Hounds-tooth is classic, but in a kimono, I think it's modern. :-)