Friday, 3 May 2013

Pink kimono Spring kitsuke

For a party of a sake brand at a nice Izakaya I did a small kitsuke styling job.

As the occasion was festive but also a bit formal/chic, I chose a houmongi and silver zori.

The host of the party wanted young and fresh so I was contemplating a furisode, but I knew/guessed time would be limited, so a fresh pink houmongi with fresh blue and silver obi was a saver (time wise) choice.

And of course it is spring time and the blossoms are almost in full bloom here, so a pink kimono seemed very suitable to me at this time and place.

Originally there would have been a second girl and for her I had a blue kimono paired with a pink obi so they would look co-ordinated or like sisters.

Paired with silver zori and a darker pink/white obi-age I think she looks pretty chic.
Too bad, that, even-though I ironed the kimono and obi very carefully they still seem a bit wrinkled.

The make-up artist did a geisha/asian inspired look and hair-do I think she looks sweet.

Berber Kimono


Shino said...

Welcome back! It is perfect kitsuke. You are great. Especially otaiko. So nicely squared and thin. I must learn from you!

Misuchi said...

Thank you so much Shino!
I am not sure if I could really teach you something, as you know kitsuke very well. But I must admit, I can't wait to go to Japan again and see you. (I'll keep you posted if/when we go)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog i was wondering if you would know of any specialist over Kimonos or if you would know of someone who can help me.
Mz grandmother spent couple of years in Japan and she brought back home handpainted silk amazing kimono with gold obi that seems very fancy. Unfortunately she passed away before we had a chance to talk about it and I just wanted to know more about this kimono that is now mine. I would appreciate any help
thank you


Misuchi said...

Could you post a link to pictures here? I can probably help you. Or post the pictures to there I will be able to see them too ^_^