Sunday, 4 December 2011


We had a wonderful kimono party at my house.
All ladies came in there gorgeous kimono with lovely food and candy.

My plan was to do some kitsuke tips and talk about how to dress comfortably, but it turned out as a real party and we ate and chatted (about kimono)

Obviously I had been way to busy in the weeks before, so this being my first none busy day I kind of felt like just have a relaxing day with the kimono girls ^_^

I wore my beloved wool Pied-de-Poule designed by Mamechiyo Modern
Nice and warm.
Contrasted with burgundy red , obi (Ichiroya), tabi and accessories ^_^


Shino said...

Yes, having a kimono club party at someone's home is a great fun! If I could join it...

Misuchi said...

I would be over the moon with happiness!!!

Lalique said...

merry christmas friend
from Turkey
happy holidays

yieldforkimono said...

Love it! Wish I had more people by me who wore kimono...I think the closest is almost 4 hours away! Great coordinations by everyone!