Monday, 8 August 2011


The Taisho komon, now paired with a ro silk pale blue dragon and phoenix patterned maru obi.

I was hesitant to use this obi, it's painted, and I really like to try painted kimono - woven obi woven; kimono - painted obi
Anyway, I liked the colours and the boldness that dragons indicate, so I decided to try anyway, and I like it.

With purple summer obi-jime and light greenish blue ro obi-age

Actually, I like this more then the pink ^_^


Amy said...

Love the outfit. It looks amazing. Gorgeous and sophisticated, as always. (:

Saiya-chan said...

Taisho period was such a good kimono time. Some of the design looks so modern and timeless, even today. And although this obi and the kimono are both painted they work very well together! Beautiful!

Misuchi said...

Thank you both! I like this set too ^_^
And yes, Taisho is so wonderfully modern, I love it, but, I also love 20's Western style so kind of obvious I like Taisho

yieldforkimono said...

I also prefer the blue obi. It balances out the warm color of the kimono base, but still highlights the cool tones of the momiji :) You look very classy in it!

0MerEdith said...

I love your pictures. I'm a big fan of kimono btw :) The one for momiji season looks so cool.