Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Dark blue yukata with light blue and purple morning-glories.
I dressed this yukata as a komon as I feel this is better for work. Also, it's warmer and it's not that warm here right now.
To enhance the plum colour I added a whine-purple hanhaba obi tied in a clam-shell variation.
For contrast a light obi-age and obi-jime.
I think it might be good to wear kimono/yukata in the shop, but, I do not always feel like it, it does attract a lot of attention.


yieldforkimono said...

I hope that the attention has never been the bad kind! I wish I worked somewhere that allowed me to wear kimono to work.

Misuchi said...

No (almost) never bad. As I life in a city where "weirdness" is almost like the normal state ^_^ But still, on many days it's just fine to blend and with kimono you never ever blend.
And yes, it's fun to work at a place where you can wear kimono, where you're even encouraged to do so ^_^