Saturday, 20 November 2010

Tsumugi stripes & Frisian chintz

Todays kimono was a Japanese striped tsumugi kimono which I found in the "junk" basket at a shop in Tokyo this year. Why it was in the extreme cheap basket I do not know because it's really nice!

I paired her with my home made Frisian Chintz obi, tied in a clam-shell variation. With light blue obi-jime or colour and pink obi-age.

Burgundy tabi and han-eri and I felt I could go to work as a Frisian women in a Japanese shop in Amsterdam ^_^


shigatsuhana said...

I love the kimono and the combination. What a great idea to include your local culture too!

Misuchi said...

Thank you!
Yes, I love to play with this Japan/Netherlands culture, especially as chintz was very big in Northern Netherlands as it was in Japan, I like that ^_^

shino said...

How cross-cultural! I like and respect your creativity. This is real iki chic!

Misuchi said...

Thank you Shino!

Mikoto said...

Hello! I love your kimono coordinating. Looks so neat!