Saturday, 24 July 2010

Blue Roses

Wednesday a new package from Ichiroya arrived, with this wonderful Roses yukata!
But is it a yukata?
I am not so sure. As the collar is fold-able...(?)
Nevertheless, I wear her today as a cotton kimono, with nagajuban and all accessories.
Bright blue obi, white with blue obi-jime off-white obi-age and white lace tabi.
Blue hanao on the geta and I am set to go working ^_^
Thank you Yuka-san and Ichiro-san, for another beauty in my collection!


Diane said...

Beautiful, as usual! You always look so cool and effortless :)

Misuchi said...

Thank you Diane, you know for me it is easy talking, as I get the change to wear kimono so often and had a lesson in "how to wear kimono easily/comfortably" by Ms. Mamechiyo ^_^

Nanohana said...

Hmm, sometimes yukata have foldable collar, especially the expensive ones ^__^
In any case, it looks so chic worn kimono style. Love the outfit color scheme and the accesories (obijime and geta).
Very chic indeed!

Misuchi said...

Yes, I asked Yuka-san, that was kind of her answer. She also said that some people prefer hitoe kimono all the time (also over sha, ro etc.) so kimono/yukata like this are worn all summer, nice to know!
Thank you!

Kimono Dress said...

Nice kimono outfit, though I am not a Japanese I also love wearing like this

Mutant Ninja Turtle said...

I want to try wearing a Kimono Dress like this. can you tell me where to find one