Sunday, 14 September 2008

Dots and Tulips

Mamechiyo's dot's kimono goes Dutch! ^_^ (again)
The kimono is a cotton linen mix which feels very lovely and cool. Though it is a cold day today. It still is warm enough to wear hitoe. This kind of kimono is ok through September. Because it is hitoe, but not see through or very obviously yukata. Also (to me) the colour is very autumn like.

This being a "Mamechiyo Modern original" I felt I could not get away with a plain white collar, so I sewed on some white lace...
And because I finished a new obi I wanted to wear it with this kimono. Tulips and butterflies. I decided tulips where okay for me to wear (even though they are strictly speaking spring) because they are like a Dutch symbol. Also (here) you can kind of buy them all year round so... why not. This way I choose a theme for my kimono, not season. And the theme is "Holland Japan line" in fresh and warm autumn.

The obi I made is a chuya with green and white polka dots at the reverse, and you can see both fabrics are a bit too soft for an obi. Even though I used a very stiff inter facing, it doesn't really do the trick. She collapsed in the back, kind of adds to the "looseness" ^_^
I tied the obi lower and looser and used no padding (I -almost- never do it makes me hot and uncomfortable) but I am also lucky with not so much curves, using koshihimo and date jime helps evening out the gaps enough.


Kyuukaryuko said...

That is a lovely tulip obi! Did it take you long to make it? It's also a nice combination.

Misuchi said...

Hum, not really long (compaired to sewing a dress), but long enough ^_^
It is fun to do though.

Nanohana said...

I love this outfit! It looks to me fresh and warm at the same time (as autumn is here)
Maybe it's because it reminds me the colour scheme of one of my favourite atumn desserts: the first clementine oranges covered with dark chocolate!

Can I say you look "delicious"? ^__^

Misuchi said...

Thank you! You put it so wel, I kind of tried that, but it's hard to put in words, thank you. And delicious looking is funny ^_^ Your dessert sounds very good...