Sunday, 31 August 2008

Tulip Yukata

For my "Holland Japan lijn" I bought this Tulip yukata from Ichiroya...
Blue with pink and yellow tulips with green leaves, done in a way as if painted with a paint brush, quit fun I think.

Today was really hot but I did want to do "kimono stuff" so yukata seemed like the best idea. First I tried her with eri sugata, but that was too hot (or it made me feel hot) so I decided on only a slip. That was warm enough ^_^

The yellow hanhaba obi was the obvious choice, I tried a pink one but that gave me a "pajamas" feel and that wasn't an option. The obi is not spectacular, so to make it a bit more fun I added a fabric "obi jime" with button obi dome. I think I will look for a sunflower obi to go with this yukata...

And because the weather is so beautiful a nice stroll to the city was a good idea. hot and melty, but a nice idea. I bought three Japanese art cards at the big cards store which is nice.

It's always good to buy "inspiration"


Kyuukaryuko said...

That's a pretty yukata! Yesterday I said to myself that I really have to buy a yukata, for sunny days like yesterday ^_^ The weather was really nice yesterday, perfect for yukata kitsuke. The yellow obi looks very good on this yukata, and the obijime and obidome are also very nice. This obidome stands a bit out; maybe a sunflower would be too yellow on yellow???
Looking forward to seeing you and rota really soon!

Misuchi said...

Yes you really need a yukata!
They are so fun (and washable) ^_^
Me too, we will have fun I am sure.