Sunday, 16 March 2008

Blue Ume geisha kimono

Finally I tried my blue ume susohiki.

I think it's one of the most gorgeous (non antique) kimono I own. Soft blue shading to deep blue, with wonderful grey ume tree branches and white, pink with some yellow ume.

Combined with one of my favourite obi, silver white with folded fans, a silver woven stream and on the fans very small, sakura, maple and ... more flowers/grasses. Seems all season to me. I have a shocking pink obi too, which might have been nice, but the pattern is wine leaves and grapes, which shouts a bit too much, autumn to me.

The accessories are as traditional as I could do. White and red obi age and a blue braided obi jime to match the lower side of the kimono.

Even though the make-up failed miserably, I think some pictures are good, so all in all this will not be a day wasted, there might be a view pictures I can use.


Kyuukaryuko said...

Just one word: WAUW!
Not to be cheesy, but I hope I can be as good as you with kitsuke. Today I have a day off, and I'm going to practice today for next week. Still have a lot of practice to do haha.
But this susohiki is just stunning!

Cheryl said...

I think I have exploded with jealousy! That is gorgeous.

Misuchi said...

You will be good at kitsuke, really, it just takes a litle time.

I know the feeling, being yealous, but never forget, there will be more.

This kimono, yes I fell in love with her instantly and had to buy her, I did not even have a good excuse like a birthday or extra money, but I had to have her.

ROTA said...

It's beautiful. Isn't it difficult to find the right combination every time?

Misuchi said...

Yes pretty difficult, but on the other hand most kimono give away what they need, a little collour in the pattern, contrast things like that. And I am lucky, I have a lot to choose from, thats a down side too ^_^
Thank you for posting.

Naomi said...

Absolutely stunning! While I like going for higher contrast with obi - I think this obi looks perfect!

The colours of the folded fans seem to pick up subtle colours hidden in the kimono.

I notice you use a red sarashi/momi. Did you make that yourself?

Misuchi said...

Thank you! Yes, as you know I like stronger contrast too, but this kimono screamed for subtlety.
The sarashi is just a long piece of silk. (but that's the real thing too ^_~)