Sunday, 25 November 2007

Playing geisha again

This time I was geisha and guest at tea ceremony.
Tea ceremony at an office party is highly in appropriate, but still I had fun.
I decided on my brick red with maple leaves susohiki because this one has a strong fall feeling, besides maple there are chrysanthemums, and also plum-blossom, strange, those are for winter, but well, this is the most autumn-y susohiki I have... and... she has a wonderful soft green extra lining with kanji on it.

I paired her with an antique obi, I think the combination was just right.
And of course the red "under obi" and white with red obi age, the obi jime is soft green, like the lining. I was looking for a stronger/darker, more fall-like green, but I had none. But this is ok I guess.
I was in make-up and kimono from 4 in the after noon till 3 at night!

The make-up starts to itch a little after a couple of hours, the kimono is ok, accept from being hot! And being hot makes the make-up itch even more... poor geisha and maiko and kabuki actors and....The wig I only wore from 7 till 12, because, that's really too heavy to wear all the time!

In the car, to and back from the place where the ceremony was I was happy wig less, looked weird yes, but happy. After a while the wig really kind of hurts, and then after a while you get used to the pain, but still it feels like taking of a corset, taking the wig of after hours!


Kyuukaryuko said...

Hey you :-)

You look absolutely gorgeous on all pictures (some of them sadly don't work)! Must have been fun playing geisha.

Next time I'm seeing you, can you teach me how to do the collar like yours? I'm envious on yours ^_^

Misuchi said...

Thank you for the compliments! Yes it was fun playing geisha. After I was very tired and it got so late I am really not used to that. The last pictures where taken after 2 at night. Thanks for letting me know the pictures where bad, I hope I fixed them now.
And fo course I can try to teach the low collar, but mine isn't low enough either *blush* Because it keeps creeping up, but also because this susohiki isn't that long for me so the more I pull it back the less drape I have in front and I don't like that...

Kyuukaryuko said...

The pictures work now, thanks
If you collar isn't low enough... :-)
O, it's Anne by the way (but I guess you already knew). I'm starting a kimono blog also, but it's just started with nothing on it. I need to change the layout.