Tuesday, 22 May 2007


was great, I would almost say, of course, but that wouldn't be fair. I just had a wonderful time. Somewhat "jet-laggie" because I was really tired, it was also the first time in over a year I gave myself more then 2 days really off, no work, no moving, no cleaning, nothing, only beauty. So that was new and kind off made me "rosy" I saw a lot, many museums. Rodin had "Japonisme" exhibition which was wonderful and great to see. Le Grand Palais had an over view of 50's and 60's art which was very nice, fun and good to see. Centre Pompidou
had lots, as usual. I was most taken by the "Airs de Paris" exhibition (have to go back soon) and by the exhibition of Philippe Mayaux who won the
Prix Marcel Duchamp 2006
As an easely shocked lady this was quite fun. Just have a look. Why I liked it? To use the artists own words: (...)"Modernity invented a kind of poetic beauty. Today, it is in deviant, fragile and sickly beauty that we find the most beautiful poetry."(...)
With any luck I'll be back in Paris in two weeks...

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