Sunday, 2 July 2006

Ro tsugesage

This ro silk maple leave pattern ro tsugesage might be a better choice for the opening. Homoungi would be best but I just do not own one (yet- in ro).
I like this kimono it's light and smooth but also gives a light feel (more then the black shibory) might be more appropriate to my age. The sleeves are nice and long. I need to take out the basting threads and sew the green obi, which also is only a bolt... *sigh*

I like the fresh contrast between the deep blue and the fresh green, I used blue accessories which I really like, but I might need to use pink because I only have appropriate pink zori. There are pink maples in the pattern so it might work? There are pink maples in the pattern so it might work?
The nagajuban is an orangy red with water pattern ro too and perfec length only the sleeves are too short, which is weird since the nagajuban is antique, so I might re-sew the sleeves, or go for a plain white nagajuban which actually might look better I kind of think so. I would love a light blue ro nagajuban with this set though.
But I can't have it all... hihi

I need blue zori and green... Really! I have a lot of blue and green kimono and otherwise blue or green accessories so... Need to work more and sell more paintings. Well, nice goal for the coming 6 months *blush*


Anonymous said...

I like this outfit :) Have you tried it with a light pink obiage and obijime? I think it would tie everything in.

That pale green obi is SO PRETTY! It makes me feel cool just looking at you :)

Misuchi said...

Thank you sweetie! No I have no light pink summer accessorie set (yet) hihi. I am glad you aprove of this set because it is in the museum! So it better be at least pretty good... no?