Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Five days

of awase hitoe combi. In May we wear awase kimono up to the 14th and awase obi till the 9th so from 10 to 15 May we can wear hitoe obi with awase kimono... That's a little weird, crazy little rule... But lets do it ^_^
Since it's the last day I can wear my cute new fuji Kimono I picked her, then rummaged trough my hitoe obi, and chose one that had the exact color as the hakake, mmm looks a bit like fall this rich red color, but I like it. Then I added green accessories and decided I need a brighter spring green obi jime *blush*
Later I will try this kimono with my soft green silver hitoe obi, maybe that will give the ensemble a more spring feel.
Maybe not... The weather seems like fall over here ^_~

(the nagajuban has been hitoe since the 15th of April)

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