Monday, 6 March 2006

Working in kimono

This weekend I helped selling kimono and textiles and decided to wear kimono on Sunday. It was fun! I never had the change to wear one out like this in a "normal" setting. I choose my home made blue kimono even though it is hitoe. It's my only non silk and I was scared wearing silk in that dusty place. And yukata I felt was way too informal and cold... it was snowing. I put on leggings and all the underwear except padding. It seems I don't need that anymore. Lucky for me because during the day I got really warm and with padding it would have been unbearable... I paired the kimono with my fun modern hanhaba. Not sure if it is appropriate like this, but its fun and looks nice. I also added a wine red obi age, just for fun. And my mobile phone was tucked in my obi with the light blue phone strap a dear friend gave me, hanging over the top... I think that was cute ^_^

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