Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Kimono expo

Not sure why I made this blog, but it seemed fun to make one and write about my kimono adventures. Maybe my little sister will learn some English reading it ^_~
In two days I will have the opening of a kimono expo. They asked me to exhibit some of my kimono during an (photo) exhibition about Japan. It's scary, not because of the kimono, but because they asked me to give a kitsuke demonstration, I said yes, that's scary.

The show will be with kimono I do not have a warm feeling towards, so if anything happens to them I will not be too sad, still sad of course. This makes me feel a bit insecure too, because the kimono on display aren't the most beautiful ever; I feel like betraying people. On the other hand, who knows? And the organizers do not have a very good insurance so I will loose either way. So, I am sure, no real gorgeous ones.

And now what to wear? Just "normal" clothing? A kimono? But what kimono, not to formal, but not casual either, the weather is bad, but not really cool, I surely can't stand there sweating! I think I will go in a nice skirt then... Oh how I wish I had more guts.

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